Beverley Photographer

Beverley Photographer
Paul Smith, Beverley Photographer

My name is Paul Smith and I would like to welcome you to Beverley Photographer my own personal web site.

For the past few years, I have been running a local portal called and a weekly magazine in the Beverley along with a number of other web sites that provide content in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

It was through taking on these projects I developed a passion for photography and spend many hours every week taking photos.

Alongside this, I also offer my services as a photographer and have covered a number of weddings, parties, special events and a PR related work.

Beverley Photographer is my personal web site which I use to chart my views on the equipment I use and also ramble on about the images I take and how I take them.

All the equipment I use is based around the Canon EOS system, sorry guys I do not own or know anything about Nikon and all the posts on the site are in the main link to the Canon equipment used.

Photography Articles Logged By Lens

Photography Articles Logged By EOS Body

If you have any questions about Beverley Photographer or need a photographer in Beverley to cover your event feel free to contact me, details and phone number are at the top of this site – the email address is