Canon 24-70mm Lens : Finally Upgrading From A Canon 24-105

Canon Lens 24-70In a few hour’s time, a Lens will finally arrive at my door and take over from the  I have been using.

After spending many hours wondering if I should or should not make the change I finally took the plunge and purchased a Canon 24-70mm Lens from the London Camera Exchange.

This summer I had all but settled on buying one until I spoke with a fellow photographer who made a very valid point, ‘why do you want a f2.8 lens for group shots.’

It was that got me thinking back then, and I opted not to upgrade, though a few months on and a little more research has finally got me to make the switch.

Below I have tried to map out the reasons that have made me swap;

Reasons For Buying A Canon 24-70mm F2.8 Lens

  • The first and the most obvious selling point to me was the 2.8 aperture. A lot of my work takes me into low light situations and jobs that require me to shoot with the available light.
  • Every serious photographer who generates their living shooting sport and events with Canon gear owns one of these lenses to do most of their day to day work.
  • The Canon 24-70mm is weather sealed, may not mean much to some but for me personally means I can work out doors in most conditions no matter what to get the job done.
  • Build quality, this is something that nearly every report on the Internet highlights, every review I looked at and user guide is quick to point out the build quality of the Canon 24-70mm Lens.

I still have to wait for the Canon 24-70mm to arrive. I am looking forward to getting mounted on the camera and putting through its paces.

In the coming months, I have many events to cover that are indoors as well as outside so the Canon 24-70mm is going to get a real chance to prove its self.

As for the  that is currently being sold off to go towards funding the Canon 24-70mm. Overall it has been a great lens but it is time to move forward and the Canon 24-70mm is certainly a step forward.

If there is anything, I have learnt over the years it is that you should not dither on purchasing equipment, buy it, use it and it should pay for its self through picture sales and other jobs.

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