Taking Winter Morning Pictures With A Canon EF24-105mm f4L IS USM


: A few winter morning pictures taken using a  IS USM. The lens was mounted to a with the pictures being taken in Beverley and Hull. It was bitterly cold this morning with plenty of frost everywhere.

When I woke up I found my car totally covered in ice so took a few pictures to share on Beverley Photographer.

My camera was already set up with a IS USM so I used that and took a few pictures of my car first of all, then some in Hull and a couple on the Beverley Westwood.

I was quite frustrating though because as I was driving into Hull along the A1079 from Beverley the sky looked quite spectacular with the sun shining through the cloud and mist. But as I was doing about 40mph there was not a lot I could do about it.

Finally when I was able to get out the car and to grab a few pictures I did, once again though I had not got my tripod with me. In the end I had make do with balancing the camera on a wall which had a river running on the other side of it!

I took a few shots looking up the river using the IS USM and before jmping back into the car and heading back to Beverley.

Settings for the firt shot;


Canon EF24-105mm f4L
, Hull

As I was driving across the Westwood I could not resist stopping to grab a few shots of the Black Mill in the distance with all the frosted pasture.

Settings for the second shot;

Canon EF24-105mm f4L, Westwood
, Westwood


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