Canon EOS 1D Mark III – Worth Every Penny

Canon EOS 1D Mark IIII have been using a for about a month now and have s far enjoyed using the camera so much and despite it being an older model from the Canon EOS range it certainly still holds it own.

This was an upgrade from a which for nearly two years was my work horse when covering sporting fixtures like football and rugby either with or Canon 70-200 attached to the body.

The reason I upgraded to was the desire to get better results in high ISO levels, and so far I have not been disappointed.

The camera itself was not too expensive, being quite an old model, there are lots of them floating about on auction sites and specialist photography sites making them more affordable then the Canon EOS 7D.

One of the best features I have had a lot of use for is ā€˜Sā€™ setting on the shutter control which lets me take pictures making only the slightest of noises, I guess this feature will be useful to wedding photographers who want to snap during the service!

The speed of the is great, though I find my scan disk cards that write at 60mbs are not able to write fast enough so tend to shoot in small RAW to keep the buffering as low as possible.

In terms of ISO, I have shot sport at 2000 ISO and the images print up perfectly well and of course, look very good online at lower resolution. Last week, I dropped it too and carried on working fine without getting a mark on it, a tough bit of kit!

To date, the has impressed me no end, and for the money paid it is proving to be a fantastic purchase, I am still coming to terms with it and am sure it can do a lot more than I use it for.

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