Making Money From Photography Five Useful Tips

Making Money From Photography Five Useful TipsMaking money from photography is question that comes up time and time again. I have spent countless hours discussing this very topic with seasoned pros over a pint in my local.

With the digital age, there are more photographers and cameras in circulation, so there is a lot of competition when it comes to getting those paid jobs.

One of the obvious ways of making money from photography is to sell pictures. I mean you have a great camera you are taking stunning pictures someone will buy them, well that is not always the case.

It seems people are happy to accept a digital image or snap shot. Social media has made making money from photography harder as people copy and repost your images, I know from experience this and through running my own web site this happens a lot.

People do not worry that pictures have water marks on them. They see an image on the internet and copy and paste it into their own web sites or post it onto their Facebook walls.

All of these things mean making money from photography alone is a hard. In order to earn living photographers are having to offer more than just a picture or get creative and use the images that take to produce products.

One of the ways in which I use photography to make money is through producing a magazine. This is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work and along with taking the pictures you need to sell the advertising space, invoice the customers and chase the payments.

Furthermore, making money from photography is not as simple as being just being good. You need to be able to think commercially and see the opportunities.

Locally, in my area there are some truly amazing photographers, when you look at their work, you will see they often shoot a wide range of topics from weddings through to products.

Online there are thousands of web sites and also books you can buy that promise you. They will show you how you can start to make money from taking pictures, but if it was that easy, we all do it!

For anyone starting out here are five recommendations I would suggest to help you to start to turn your pictures into cash;

Five Tips On How To Start Making Money From Photography

1) Build a Web Site –
2) Open a social media page
3) Create your publication
4) Put pricing structure in place and stick to it
5) Invest in a fast lens, they really do make a difference