Speedliters Handbook by Syl Arena : Book Review

Off Camera Flash : Speedliters Handbook by Syl ArenaSpeedliters Handbook is a book that I discovered by pure chance after browsing the Internet why studying off camera flash techniques.

By Syl Arena the Speedliters Handbook is geared up for Canon shooters giving very good pointers on how to get the most out of your speedlites.

Having purchased this book I like to think of the Speedliters Handbook as a manual that is far more user friendly then the booklet shipped with Speedlites.

For example, within days of getting the book it made me think differently about many things to do with how I used my Speedlites and when I used my Speedlites in the field.

I guess everyone is guilty of sticking a speedlite on top of the camera and pointing the head up, bouncing the light off the ceiling while shooting.

The Speedliters Handbook gives readers the confidence to take the flash off the camera and begin to craft the light using Canon Speedlites.

Every topic you can think off to do with Canon Speedlites is explained, more importantly Syl explains why he makes the choices he does detailing the thought process allowing you to bring his work methods into your own projects.

Even the various equipment is discussed, simple things like sync cords, what to use and why you use them. The only thing I have to moan about is that the ETTL Cord he speaks of is not available to buy here in the UK or on eBay!

So how has this book helped me? The answer to that is simple, within a few days of owning the book it changed the way I thought about the smallest things which help me achieve far better results.

I applied a number of the basic ideas Syl discusses into my work and right away my images were far better and more dramatic, yes there is still a long way to go however the Speedliters Handbook is a crackign starting point.

For the price, around £20, this is a very good book. It is the equivalent of about four or five photography magazines but will offer all photographers better value. This is especially true for those who shoot with Canon and I would go as far to say it is a must own.

This book will help you get better images that will be more marketable and ultimately pay for it self in no time, it did for me.

To reinforce this the finding about this book I can say it helps improves your work based on first hand experience. The first job I did after reading the first few chapters paid off.

I used some of the ideas suggested I sold enough images to pay for the Speedliters Handbook and now consistently sell more images, a great return on my investment.

If you shoot Nikon, I would urge you to go find yourself a book about your own systems, however, if like me, you use Canon gear and Canon Speedlites then this is the book for you, you really will not regret splashing out the £20 or so.

By the Speedliters Handbook by Syl Arena

 Speedliter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites

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