Sports Photography With A Telephoto Lens

Sports Photography Sigma 150-500mmSports Photography is something I do a lot of and one of the problems I found was trying to get a telephoto lens with a enough reach without needing to re-mortgaging my house.

The system I use is Canon and in my time I have used the , , , and the .

In terms of lens choice, I started with the , and over time have changed to using a and more recently a f5.6-6.3 DG HSM OS.

The allowed me to get the reach I wanted and when it was mounted to the given the crop factor gave me an actual reach of 800mm.

For sports photography and especially cricket this extra reach helped get better and more interesting shots without having to crop in.

Before buying the , which cost just over £850 at the time I saw lots of reviews that suggested the lens had issues with focusing something I have can honestly say I have not experienced.

In fact, the Sigma 150-500 has proven to be a very good entry level lens for sports photography where you want that extra reach.

Given the price the aperture is not all that great but with the cameras, I use it with, I am happy enough to increase the ISO right up to 2000 to keep the shutter moving fast enough to freeze the action.

In summer, the light is never an issue though in winter months I do find that when it gets a little latter in the afternoon, I switch the for the .

Because I lose the read I have to think and choose my shots more carefully and wait for the action to come to me, normally close enough to fill a frame.

The types of sports photography I have used the include, football, rugby union, rugby league, horse racing, tennis and cricket.

Sports Photography Sample Galleries Taken Using a

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