Yongnuo Compact Batter Pack SF-17 Product Review

Yongnuo Compact Batter Pack SF-17For around a month I have been using the to provide faster recycling time with my speed lights.

So far I have used the with a Canon 580 EX II and a and it works perfectly well with both.

The is made from plastic and comes in a black pouch with a Velcro seal.

In all the holds six AA batteries, be warned it is a little tricky to work the door on the , patience is needed.

The cost of the was less than £20 including shipping from  China and it does what you would expect.

You do not need to switch on the . Once you have inserted your batteries and plugged it into the speedlite the pack is active.

It is worth noting this does not replace the batteries in the speedlite, you need to have power in your flash unit for the to work.

There is nothing complicated about this accessory, I have found it to be very useful when using my speedlite ‘s on various jobs as it certainly helps them recycle a lot faster.

Overall this is a very useful accessory, anyone who uses a Canon 580 EX II or will most certainly find this product handy to have close to hand.

Since getting the I have used it to shoot at events, a wedding and also a model shoot and so far it has not let me down.

For the price it’s worth the investment just to get the quicker recycling time on your speedlite’s, it allows you to work that little bit faster.

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Yongnuo Compact Batter Pack SF-17

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