Yongnuo YN 622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Review

is one of the newest products from Yongnuo that allows you to take your Speedlite off the camera while giving the photographer plenty of control through the camera’s menu.

Having looked into various systems for off camera flash I settled with the as it seemed to offer everything I wanted at a very reasonable price.

Out of the box, I hooked up the system to a  and a and fired off a few shots and everything worked out just fine.

The worked seamlessly with the Canon menu system with the Speedlite in E-TTL and in Manual flash which gives you perfect control over your lighting.

What was very pleasing was that in manually flash I was able to control the out of the  through the menu of the camera thanks to the system.

Next I wanted to see how well they worked, so setting the camera on self-timer, I placed it in the room at the front of my home.

I then took a Speedlite with the attached and placed it in the room that was the furthest away on the same level.

Between the camera and the Speedlite, there were multiple walls and doors yet the fired the Speedlite without any issues.

The price of the is very reasonable; I am yet to test in an actual working environment, but my initial tests showed that at the very basic of level the could;

  • Fire a Speedlite from a distance
  • Allowed control manual flash
  • Worked with the Canon menu system
  • It functioned in High Speed Sync

Working right out of the box it is no surprise that there are lots of people talking about the .

I for one would totally recommend this to anyone who uses Canon and wants to get their Speedlite off the camera either to use manually or in E-TTL.

Yongnuo YN 622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Review
Yongnuo YN 622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Review

Yongnuo YN 622C

YongNuo YN-622C Wireless E-TTL Flash Trigger for Canon

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