Panning Photography Practice: Roadside With Canon 1D Mark III

Panning Photography
July 16, 2021

Panning Photography practice is not as dull as it sounds, but I got a few funny looks from people in their cars as I pointed my Canon EOS 1D Mark III with the 70-200mm at them! This technique of taking photos is something I rarely do as the types of things I photograph would not suit the results. Saying this it is fun and the effects it creates in the images is quite nice….


Canon EOS 5D Mark II Long Exposure Pictures By The River Hull

River Hull, Canon EOS 5D Mark II
July 4, 2021

This shot was taken on the River Hull on a chilly evening, again with no tripod so the camera, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II was placed against something steady. The idea of taking pictures of moving water is quite an appealing one to me but I do not often get the time, or I should say make the time to go out and just do it. Earlier in the…