Hahnel HRC 280 : Testing Out A Remote Trigger Switch

Hahnel HRC 280

Having purchased a Remote Shutter Release after losing my previous one, a Canon Remote Switch 80N3 so was unable to shoot long exposure pictures at night.

Costing just less then £20 the Remote Shutter Release is a fraction of the Canon’s own version and does exactly the same job.

I really enjoy taking long exposure photos and like to experiment with turning night into day. I prefer to shoot like this on clear nights and over the past few day we have had plenty of them. With it being clear it is cold so everything is pretty much covered in a frost.

Basic requirements for taking these types of pictures are a camera, I used my , a tripod and of course and switch.

Using my newly acquired  Remote Shutter Release I tested it out buy shooting some stars in my back garden.

I was only messing about trying to work out how long I wanted to leave shutter to capture the stars but also giving the a bit of a going over to see if it was as smooth as the one lost, it was.

Camera Model
Shooting Mode Manual Exposure
Tv( Shutter Speed ) 13
Av( Aperture Value ) 2.8
Metering Mode Evaluative Metering


The resulting picture shows a formation of stars over my neighbours house, having taken some practice shots of the sky and settling on an exposures I look about to find something that was more prominent in the sky and settled on this.

Hahnel HRC 280

Had it not been so cold I may have spent a little longer on it but I managed to get shot of the stars and also test out the Remote.
My View

The product is actually really good value for money, the extra cable is also going to prove useful when out in the field at night, so all in all quite happy with the purchase.

Remote Cable Release Product Spec

With a 80cm remote control also included in the pack is a two metre long extension cord. The with most of the Canon EOS range of cameras.

Designed for Canon cameras, the remote is also compatible with the following some Pentax and Samsung models.

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